Deposit refundable before May 1st?

<p>Hi, everyone..
I'm writing it on the behalf of my friend who also submitted her deposit
to the U of C.
However, now she is considering another college, too(her parents weren't too happy about her going away to chicago and finally prevailed.)</p>

<p>She wants to know if they refund her deposit at the U of C if she notifies them before the May 1st deadline.. Also, she already sent the letter rejecting the admission at the other college that she now wants to attend.. Do you think that it's possible for her to reclaim her admission???</p>

<p>Please offer your insight and accurate information...Thank you for your help in advance...</p>

<p>Good grief. She needs to call the university she rejected - preferably her regional adcom, and ask him/her exactly what to do. She should have, in writing, a confirmation of her intention to matriculate at the other uni before she does anything with Chicago.</p>

<p>Good Grief is right!!!!
She should definitely not try and get her deposit back from Chicago until she has IN WRITING that she is in at the other school.
The deposit is really the least of her worries.</p>

Thank you for your help...</p>

<p>The worse problem is that she's still undecided...and not sure what to do...</p>

<p>'s bad</p>

<p>Worried about a deposit? With all the $$ at stake in tuition? Strange. The deposit is peanuts compared to the checks due late this summer.</p>