Depressed about my spring grades

<p>I did bad this spring quarter I got a C+ in Chem1b, C+ in Lab, a Pass in nutrition, a no pass in philosophy and a C in pstats. I plan to go to graduate school but im afraid this quarter will really screw me over. What's the min gpa u need to go into biology and how bad will this quarter hurt me for my chances at a graduate school.</p>

<p>the ****ty thing about Cs is that they are low enough to hit your GPA hard and high enough that you can't retake the course.</p>

<p>the no pass in PHIL can be made up but the the Cs in the other classes are not an option unless you can ask the professor to lower your grade to a C minus, which is always a dangerous game.</p>

<p>So if you get a C- or lower can you actually retake the course and will it replace the grade? Because I got a D+ in one of my GE classes and was wondering if I should take it over.</p>

<p>yeah anything lower than a C- can be retaken</p>