Depressed/Lost Sophmore Needing Early Guidance and Chance

<p>My Sophomore year ended for me two weeks ago and truthfully I feel as stressed out now as I felt studying for finals. I cannot sleep much and eat like a pig now always thinking about my future. I feel horrible making a chance thread as my first post, but I am in desperate need of the communities TRUE opinion. I really want to get into an upper tier UC (mainly UCSD, UCLA, Cal) and I am wondering if I really have a shot at any of those schools and if I should keep trying.</p>

<p>Ethnicity: Asian... lol yeah that helps my case =)</p>


<p>Course (semester 1 grade/ semester 2 grade)</p>

<p>Freshman Year</p>

<p>P.E. (A/A)
Cult. History/Drafting (A/A)
Biology (A/A)
Geometry A (C+/B)...really a killer
English 1A (B/B)
Spanish 2 (B+/A-)</p>

<p>Freshman Summer at a CC</p>

<p>Intermediate Algebra (A)</p>

<p>Sophomore Year</p>

<p>Pre-Cal (A/A-)
WHAP (A-/A-)
P.E. (A/A)
English 2A (A-/A-)
Spanish 3 (B+/A-)
Honors Chemistry (B/B)</p>

<p>Sophomore Summer at a CC</p>

<p>Physics (projecting an A, not sure)</p>

<p>Projected Junior Schedule</p>

AB Calc
Art Exploration
AP Physics
AP Chemistry
Honors English</p>

<p>Miraculously if I could get a 4.0 both semesters for Junior Year and score 2200+ on the sats, do I academically (I am not listing my extracurriculars, trying to sell myself as short as possible) have a chance to get into one of those schools? I know it is probably too early for most to chance me after reading countless of threads about other Sophmores with countless A's worried about one B in their class. Any help is greatly appreciated. BONUS POINTS: If I take 5 classes that are worth 5 points, UCs will only count 4 of them and where can I get grammatix? (Winner gets a cookie)</p>

I may seem to be so rash because my father cried in my shoulders and told me he believes he will only live for 10 more years to the age of 60 (born premature/Vietnam War immigrant). I feel transformed from those words and practically I am willing to do anything to make him proud (education seems to be the only way in our family). </p>

<li>Please don't post these threads before the end of your junior year. If you do, they should be more along the lines of "Hey, am I heading in the right direction?" threads. It's just not reasonable to say "I'm a sophomore, but assuming I take all AP's for the next two years and get straight A's, and assuming I get 2200+ on my SAT..."... I fail >.<</li>