Depth Sequence for EE

<p>I am an EE major and have to choose a depth sequence at my school. So far, I've really enjoyed the programming classes I've taken and am leaning towards doing the software systems depth sequence. The classes for this sequence are offered by the CSE department. They cover Java programming, discrete math, data structures, advanced course in computer architecture, and principles of OS's.</p>

<p>My fear is that I will graduate and be at a disadvantage when looking for a job. Are the classes that I have to take for software systems depth enough to compete with CE and CSE majors for software development jobs (I may also use my technical and professional electives to take some CSE classes on software engineering and web-based programming)? Will my lack of a true EE depth make it hard for me to get a job doing circuit design?</p>

<p>My ultimate career goals are to get a job working in the aeronautical field on Unmanned Aerial Systems and then to go back to school after a few years to get an MBA and move into a technical management position.</p>

<p>Why not take more controls and embedded programming classes? Those classes would be more relevant to Unmanned Systems than pure programming classes. Just a thought.</p>