Desalination: Civil/Environmental or Chemical Engineering

<p>I was just curious which type of engineers would be most likely to design/build desalination plants. Seems like it could fall under both of these majors.</p>

<p>A Chemical Engineering might design the desalination process that involves things like membrane separation, distillation, water treatment; basically operations that involve chemical properties of the materials used.
I am guessing a Civil Engineer would be more involved with any operation that involves the structure and layout of the actual physical site of a desalination plant.</p>

<p>All of the above. I happen to know a Petroleum Eng who now speicalized in water - a well is a well or something along those lines. You don't have to put yourself in a little box until you retire. Feel free to explore both and develope your own little crossover speciality. Take freshman classes in both. Pick the one you like the best. Then sneak in at least one tech elective from the other in your senior year. Education is not a straight line. It is about exploring and finding things nobody else has noticed.</p>