Describe Cornell to a Guaranteed Transfer

<p>I am a guaranteed transfer student who has met all of the requirements, has handed in the paperwork, and is most likely going to be attending Cornell in the fall. I was wondering if there is anything current students could tell me about Cornell from an insider's view that might be different from what people typically tell incoming freshmen considering I've already spent a year at college? Is there anything about Cornell that might take adjustment time for a student who attended a medium sized state college that is fairly academically rigorous but not quite at the same level as Cornell? How good are the professors, particularly in the ILR school? How easy is it to have fun if a student isn't particularly interested in Greek life? Although I intend on matriculating to Cornell I want to know as much as possible about it before making any final decisions. I have already visited Cornell and really liked it, and I think it is an improvement over my current school academically. I just really want to know what I'd be getting myself into if I choose to attend Cornell next year. Thanks!</p>

<p>be prepared to do a lot of work?</p>

<p>[This</a> Is on Vimeo](<a href=“]This”></p>

<p>Wow that video makes me really want to go to Cornell!</p>

<p>That’s why they have it on in the admissions building (at least for CAS)</p>

<p>I soo love that video - thanks for posting it again!</p>