describe my chances !!

<p>Hi I'm an rising senior and i'm currently FREAKING OUT about getting into college [due to parental pressure and self-motivation] and i just need to know what are my chances of getting into such a wonderous college !!
-My current GPA: 3.75
-SAT score:1850
-Community service hours [up until this point]: over 700 hours
-my school doesn't rank :/
- received a 4 on the US History AP exam & English and Language Composition AP Exam
- received a 3 on the French Language AP exam
- currently the President of my debate team
- involved in numerous clubs [3]
- has no work experience as well as no internships
- Kansas residency</p>

<p>uhhh thats all i can think of at this point but ask if ya need to know more !! [just to delineate a proper picture of my chances!!]</p>

<p>is that GPA weighted or unweighted? SAT score and gpa are on the low side and that's really what's the most important factor in UC admissions</p>

<p>i agree with starmia. u dont seem to have any ec's that outstanding and your gpa/sat are pretty low, unless thats not UC GPA. u shud probably retake sat. imho, sat/gpa probably make up a very large % of admissions, i mean they get like tens of thousands of apps so yeah.</p>

<p>yeah thats the unweighted GPA and i'm planning to retake the SAT in october. what would be the most ideal? and ec's?</p>

<p>why is chances of brown being asked in a berkeley forum?</p>

<p>ideal SAT is preferably above 2100 to keep you competative. honestly at this point you can't really add too much to your EC</p>

<p>okay thank you for your piece of advice !! and whats an EC??</p>


<p>okay i understand and appreciate everyone's advice !! but would organizing and colllecting books from local libraries to send to deprived children in Awlaw, Nigeria as well as organizing "Jammin for Joplin" inorder to help raise money for the tornado disaster in Joplin, MO better my chances? also both my parents have english as their second language, but i wouldn't be the first one to go to college.
and I love community service and always want to advocate for the common good so I would love to major in legal studies or history. To be evident to my passion, I volunteer for an organization called Youth Court in which the volunteers are attorneys for teens who've committed first-time misdemanor crimes, i've been apart of this program for about 4 years now.
Some special awards I've gotten include a Presidential Service award [bronze] and two other Presidential Service Awards [silver]. My school also offers academic awards based on a GPA greater than 3.65 throughout the school year so I've received numerous of those. Also, i'm the Vice President of the NAACP youth council in my area.
And then for debate, me and my partner placed 6th for the regional KCPLD tournment and i placed 9th place for Top Speakers of the Year. In addition I recieved a bar as well as a Degree of Distinction from the National Forensic League
I'm also planning to retake the SAT in october and score higher! :]</p>

<p>You plan on applying to a highly competitive school so no one is going to be able to give you a definitive answer on whether you stand a good chance in getting in. After all, what is a good chance in this type of school: 1 in 4? A 25% chance might sound low for some universities but might be great for UC Berkeley.</p>

<p>Honestly, the only thing I can see holding you back from a competitive application is your SAT score. GPA is hard to compare accross the country and even within state. If you can get your SAT scores up and your GPA is based upon a rigorous course load for your school then you have as good a chance as most.</p>

<p>IMO - the book and fund raising things are nice but should be done because you want to do it not because it may add anything to your resume. Personally, I don't think it adds much anyway.</p>

<p>Don't listen to what nobody tells you. SATs don't matter for **** when it comes to UCs. I know a ***** that got into Berkeley with a frickin 1550. Can you believe that? A 1550! No hate though, I got respect for her, but eah they don't care. All you need is a high GPA.</p>

<p>^ not true. that's just one of the special cases. I do know someone with a 2.9 GPA but 2350 and got into Cal but they had amazing extracurrriculars. Most Berkeley acceptees have both high GPA AND SAT. UCs decisions are 95% based on numbers (both GPA and SAT) unless you have extraordinary experiences.</p>

<p>Five years ago, I got in with a 3.8/4.4 weighted UC GPA but a 2230 on my SAT, 800 on Math 2, 770 on U.S. History, and all 5's on AP Exams. (Granted, I was a varsity basketball player in high school.)</p>

<p>So the idea that Berkeley doesn't look at SAT scores at all is false. A very high SAT score + solid EC's can make up for a lower GPA. </p>

<p>(And btw, I feel as if AP scores/ SAT II scores are much better indicators of college success than GPA since GPA is extremely variable across high schools- some high schools are a joke where others are incredibly difficult). I got a 3.85 at Cal, 172 on the LSAT, and now a second year at NYU Law (ranked sixth in the nation-above Berkeley Law, Duke Law, UPenn Law, Cornell Law, Northwestern Law)</p>

<p>Seriously kids, unless you went to one of the few elite high schools (with a student body of over 1500 students with an average SAT scores of 1900 + higher- such as Troy High School, Saratoga High, Gunn, Lynbrook, University High), getting a 4.7 or whatever really isn't that much of an accomplishment.</p>

<p>Don't waste your time asking people about your chances. No one can give you a real answer. I had friends who had 4.7 + gpa and good SAT scores and they were confident they would get in. they considered cal their "safety" school. When decisions came out in may, many of them found out they werent accepted. Just apply, work hard on your personal statement and show them who you really are on the app. Good luck.</p>

<p>I have no question: for the 2012-13 application, if you didn't do a year of fine/visual arts, would that automatically disqualify you for consideration?</p>