Describe Simmons College

I am looking for women’s colleges and I am interested in Mount Holyoke, Smith, and Wellesley. However I am also looking at Simmons college and I want to know if it has a good ranking like the other 3. Also I hope to see someone describe the experience there. Thanks!

I visited Simmons in September and attended the tour and info session. It is really small. There are around 1,700 undergrad students and the school itself is only two blocks. One block is the academic campus and the other is the residential campus. The academic campus has only 5-6 (there might be more) buildings and feels somewhat like a high school. I applied to Simmons for the EA II deadline and am applying as a safety. I had an interview and the rep that I interviewed with was great. We spoke for an hour and I was really impressed with all that she had to tell me about Simmons (at the end of the interview when I had the chance to ask her questions). I would say that compared to those three schools that you listed, Simmons would be at the bottom of the list. I Have heard GREAT things about Wellesley (my aunt went there. Great school) and I have friends at Mount Holyoke and Smith. Simmons IS in a fantastic location, but if you can get into one of the other three schools I would go for it. I would definitely recommend visiting Simmons before deciding to go if you apply and get in!

Thank you! That was very helpful!