Describe what the worst professor you had was like

The worst professor I ever had was clearly unfit to be a college professor:

  • During class, just rants about not wanting to pay child support.
  • While going over homework questions, he just writes out the answers without explaining step by step what he did or how he got there.
  • Always ended class like 20-30 minutes early because he clearly doesn’t want to be there.

A professor I had when I was in college was worse than the worst. He taught Greek Mythology, and he came in to the class always drunk and reeking with alcohol stench and incoherently raved about Dionysus, the god of winemaking and wine. When I tried to drop the course, he gave me a hell of time.

One of the worst professors (well, adjuncts) I ever experienced was me my first semester teaching, especially my marketing class. I was so focused on the material and relaying it to my students that I hadn’t thought about their perspective in viewing and understanding the material. They had totally different experiences from me and didn’t understand my examples, AT ALL. I remember at one point standing in front of my class facing the white board and banging my head on the board. They started laughing; I started laughing and it allowed us to restart with me asking them more questions to get their perspective.

The only poor professor I had was one who just stopped coming to class…and that included the midterm and final exams as well. The students in the class started going to the department chair almost immediately. That chair finally came and taught the class material at least! The prof was never seen after that term.

I do not recall ever having a poor professor or teacher. All seemed to give their best efforts. However, I did have one professor in law school who had difficulty in communicating clearly regarding the rule against perpetuities.

This prof wasn’t actually bad, but he didn’t do much teaching. It was ludicrously difficult to even pass a test. He would assign a huge chunk of reading from a few sources. I had to recognize a few sentences from that chunk of reading and write responses to provide all the context for it, along with the symbolism, theme, etc…

At least the course forced me to study like a fiend.

I had a prof who back in the day who was left handed and stand directly in front of what he was writing on the board so no one could see it. The whole class was always one problem behind. He talked wicked fast and mumbled too. Everyone was always at the TA’s office hours for help.