describe your high school experience

<p>(question for harvard students) </p>

<p>What where you expecting, what happened, why? Did you enjoy high school, or was it a lot of work and no play---makes u a dull boy.</p>

<p>I enjoyed high school quite a bit. I did the extra-curriculars that looked like fun, and didn't really put in any more time on them than I wanted to. I took the hardest interesting classes available, and just focused on what I was interested in. I went out probably every other weekend, and generally had a good time hanging out with friends.</p>

<p>I'm not sure what I was expecting college-wise. I only applied to 5 schools- UMich and 4 Ivies. I got into UMich rolling very early and was fine with going there, so just went for some elite schools. My stats put me in the range for the Ivies, and I got into my top 2 (Columbia and Harvard).</p>