Describe your world essay. Please Help!!

I have a few ideas of what shaped my dreams and aspirations but they are all a bit weird. None of them is from people that I actually know. It is just a tv show I saw when I was 13 and a bunch of youtubers and it doesn’t feel like something I should write about. Am I just overthinking everything or do you have some other tips?

MIT doesn’t have one essay. It has a bunch of short answer questions.

I think if you dig and explore a bit deeper you can find real-life experience influences. Without knowing exactly what video content you want to write about… TV and YouTube are fine for entertainment (and how-to videos), but MIT is looking for a higher and deeper level of maturity and self-awareness. There is A LOT that has to happen in between watching an episode of Battlebots to joining MIT’s Combat Robotics Club. No one just hands you those middle steps, but if you start taking them on your own, that can be the meat of a good essay.