"description" for ECs in app

<p>What exactly are we supposed to place in these?<br>
-A list of awards/accomplisments?<br>
-A paragraph outlining them?</p>

<p>Similar Q for the awards section...
-what if we won the award multiple times (4x)? How do we put the date recieved?
-Can/do we place honor roll/high honor roll here? If so, again, how do we put the date recieved?</p>

<p>Thanks a bunch for all your help</p>

<p>you can only fit a sentence or so in the descriptions. also, you can put honor rolls in the awards sections, but they dont mean much since they are very local. i suppose you can put in the description that you have multiples</p>

<p>My thoughts:
EC's are extracurricular activities, like club involvement, sports, etc
Awards/accomplishments w/ awards go in the awards section (you can scroll down from the choices and find this section)
Descriptions should not be a paragraph, if they are that important, mention them in your essay</p>

<p>alright so in this space thats fits a sentence...are we supposed to put our honors in that EC? Such as captain, varsity, editor, etc.<br>
Or are we supposed to tell them what the EC is?</p>

<p>Argh I'm a confused one...esp. since this description is required!</p>

<p>stupid UC ppl F'ed up the only application format. how can u write all your EC's and stuff with only 5 slots!?</p>

<p>umm i beleive that the point is so you dont write all of your ecs and only write in your quality ones.</p>