Description of Reed Student Body?

<p>I'm looking for personal anecdotes and comments about the demeanor, personality, and typical weekend schedule of a Reed College student.</p>

<p>Feel free to post both positive and negative comments.</p>


<p>Specifically, I'm intersted in Reed's political character. How would a libertarian like myself fare on campus? If I wore my Ron Paul t-shirt, what sort of reaction would I get?</p>

<p>I'd also like descriptions of the drug atmosphere at Reed. I've heard plenty about it being pothead-central. I don't smoke or drink (but I'm not abrasive about it). Would I be out of place?</p>

<p>Reed has a reputation for drugs, but it's not a big deal. Sure, people do drugs, but they do that in all campuses, and even though I haven't been to all campuses, Reed's smoking/drinking scene is probably no worse than at other schools. Okay, this is all what my Reed interviewer told me; I'm not a student! But I had the same concerns as you did, and this was the response I got. I also asked her if I would feel out of place, and she said that she didn't feel pressure to smoke (she didn't smoke or drink). I think it's mainly that people at Reed tend to be very independent, and so you see this big sense of liberalism and freedom in the students.</p>

<p>DD1 and I visited there last year. She enjoyed the heck out of it. The student body is very liberal but accepting of individuals. We saw all types from goths to preppies. I could see that conservatives might feel pressured.</p>

<p>Probably wouldn't be too out of place with the smoking/drinking.</p>

<p>Reed is whatever you want it to be. Come prospi and you will know if its for you or not.</p>

<p>the RP tee might go over well, many people would probably think it was a joke. Lots of others would probably ask you "why!?!?!?!", if you don't mind answering, well then no problem!</p>

<p>check this out, it will give you some questions. I didn't write it, but it's like a day in the life of.</p>

<p>Pullout</a> - Passing Notes: The Mercury's Back to School Issue - Hey Reedie! - Portland Mercury</p>

<p>Learn about the HP, never forget!</p>

<p>I have to get back to papers, so i can leave library before 2AM, yes its spring break, no they don't care, hey i am reading aristotle, he is really old and comes in many translations, all of them are different, did you know?</p>

<p>I visited for a few days this year (as a prospie).</p>

<p>There is certainly a heavy drug scene. Perhaps it was overplayed as I was a prospie, however I was constantly offered drugs. "Have you been offered drugs yet" was a constant inquiry. My dorm host stocked up on all the drugs he could get a hold of "just in case I was into that sort of thing". But it must also be said that kids were respectful of students not partaking. </p>

<p>Reedies very much so value oddity (naked rides on a flaming bike while tossing poop) and community. One of their biggest clubs is the Reed Kommunist **** Kollectiv. An organization that gets together and gives free stuff. When I visited there was giant scrabble and free PBR. There are no varsity sports or frats/sororities as they are inherently exclusive, and this very much so shines through in the community. </p>

<p>People are also very interested in their academics, though very much so enjoy having fun. They are rather elitist, and will always question anything and everything. A huge debate when I visited was over a poster that stated 'We are Post Everything!', as some upper-class men did not take kind to such arrogance.</p>

<p>I must get going. Any more specific questions and you may ask them. Visiting overnight for a few nights will give you a great picture of the place and I suggest it if you get in. The weekend I was there was not typical as it was a Hum Paper weekend (the papers were due on Saturday) and kids were busying themselves with that, or partying the completion of them (though nothing huge outside of small raves so).</p>

<p>Here are the campus drug and alcohol data:</p>

<p>Pluralistic</a> Ignorance Project - Drugs & Alcohol</p>

<p>All comments very helpful, thanks.</p>

<p>Vossron- I lol'd.
But * what * is it with the Eye of the Tiger?</p>

<p>and the * Pirates*</p>

<p>The scroungers are hardly in teh corner though, you have to walk past them to bus your table.
It's nice to know the food isn't being wasted. I would even leave some, in order to have more to share. Its pretty interesting phenomenon, they don't fight, but the one who is closest to it gets to decide if they want it or not.</p>

<p>Mono goes around a lot too- but I don't think that is what I would be worried about at Winter Formal :p</p>

<p>Then of course there is Drag Ball ;)</p>

<p>( I am a parent whose child graduated in '06- I was comfortable enough with the campus atmosphere, that I allowed my younger child to visit her sister on campus since freshman year when she was 11. We also went down at least several times a year, and it frankly was pretty tame compared to the reputation which they polish up in order to shock and amaze the parents of local high schoolers)</p>

<p>It's my experience that there's a lot of hamming up the drug situation. I know when I posted to LJ about my son visiting, several students asked me if he prefered his drugs snorted or shot, and we sort of went back and forth about that. That said, there is drug use on campus, but it's easy to be a Reedie and not be into drugs, too. </p>

<p>I also let my Reedie's younger sibling visit when she was 15. </p>

<p>As far as Ron Paulism, my son's got a good friend (she was his middle school gf) who doesn't attend Reed but is a big RP supporter. They frequently have debates about political matters. I've said before that what's important is that you be comfortable engaging in debate about your beliefs. If you are not okay being challenged in that way, then Reed may bother you. I was taught growing up that you have to be able to thoughtfully, intelligently defend your opinions; I expect the same of my children. If that makes sense to you, I don't think you'd have a problem.</p>

<p>LOL, the kid who wrote this:</p>

<p>Pullout</a> - Passing Notes: The Mercury's Back to School Issue - Hey Reedie! - Portland Mercury</p>

<p>Did my campus tour over the summer. He was pretty funny. :P</p>

<p>I visited in november as part of a multicultural scholars weekend, and i found the student body to be extremely nice and welcoming. the two students I was staying with, ironically, were the ones I saw the least... there was a paper due that weekend and they spent a lot of time working on it. however, the reedie sense of individuality was very obvious over the whole campus. they embrace the unconventional and do not exclude anyone. i was only offered drugs once, and I wasn't pressured at all. It was very laid back.</p>