"Desicion waitlisted?"

I’m a senior at high school I applied for NJIT in September so I got an email saying I’m on the waitlaist so what is that meaning? what are my chances of me getting into the collage if any of you had the same issue?

If it is the traditional waitlist process. They will wait until all applications are reviewed in March and see in April what the numbers look like. They will go to the waitlist to fill gaps as needed.

It means you are fully qualified to attend in their eyes but there is a space issue in your major.

The best advice is to accept the spot on the waitlist,

Send them a letter of continued interest. That means to find out who handled your area of the state for admissions and send them an email. It should tell them you will attend in accepted and update a few times between now and the end of March if you accomplish anything meaningful.

Some schools will go into the waitlist before regular decisions come out and right way after that date even before final decision day.

However. Hope is not a strategy and I would make sure you have other solid choices you’ve applied to as you must have a solid application to be on the njit waitlist. Congrats on that so far.

Thank you for the answer. Yup I applied to other schools but NJIT told me to send them MiD-year transcript I don’t even know if we are in the middle of the year and I’m doing beyond well til now so I’m not sure what to do?

Mid year grades means you can send First Quarter/3months or MP1 grades as most of schools are done with 1st quarter already

Oh okay thank you I will defaintly do so