Design Program at Pratt - Programming/HTML?

Hi, I’m a student currently enrolled in a Canadian University who is looking to transfer to a good design school. However, I know that it is more appealing to an employer if you can program in addition to just visual design. If you’re currently in the communications design program at Pratt, can you tell me if you get to learn web design? This is a big factor in determining if I will transfer from my university at all. Thank you! :slight_smile:

You are smart to be focusing on web design. Graphic designers who can program are in hot demand. Girls who code - even more in demand! (just in case you are a girl . . ).

Web design is an elective but not sure whether that’s ComD or one of the other departments. My D15 is planning to take it her senior year when she can choose exactly the prof. she wants. In the meantime, she’s also taking 30 hours of Java and web programming this summer at our local CC. She may continue with C++ and/or Python, time permitting. So even if she doesn’t take web design she’ll still acquire some technical knowledge before she graduates. Her ComD training has been great and the combination with programming will hopefully serve her well on the job market later on.