Desktop Screenshots!

<p>How does your desktop look?</p>

<p>Here is mine <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p><a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>Yo ajay, how did u make ur desktop like that?--that's pimp! How do u do that?</p>

<p>how many accounts does ajay have??</p>

<p>^ I am not the ajay you think I am :)</p>

<p>-_- so you're the other ajay?</p>

^ Ofcourse I did. Git.


you are the ajay I think you are.</p>

<p> I'm confused...are you??</p>

<p>Haha, this thread is turning into comedy!! Wait, but seriously how did u make ur desktop like that?</p>

<p>It's not windows.</p>

<p>it's gentoo you can see by his name.</p>

<p>Nope its not Gentoo. Its Ubuntu. I'll be chucking it off my disk and getting Arch I suppose.</p>

<p>Kumara: Are you on Linux?</p>

<p><a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>it's recursive ;)</p>

<p><a href=""&gt;;/a> </p>

<p>ultra minimal os x</p>

<p>^rofl </p>

<p>(10 char)</p>

<p><a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p><a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>Oh yes.</p>

<p>Everyone on windows? aww....</p>

<p>I think someone loved slackware here... :p</p>

<p>my slackware box doesn't actually have a GUI installed.
i have a bit of a command-line fetish. :p</p>

<p>so what?! Dont tell you me you dont have any framebuffers images?!</p>