Desparate "mid"wives

<p>Although I will be going to USMA, I have been reading the USNA discussion since some of the threads have been hilarious! Especially the censored ones. You guys and moms are too much. It's better than the soaps.</p>

<p>You've got "good mids", adler and Buffalo, and "bad mids" , deepthroat and handandtight. All moms are "good moms" providing sage advice to the "bad mids" who, despite claiming to resent the parents on this forum, address the majority of their comments to them. Wonder what the shrinks would say?</p>

<p>The mids "bait" the parents and the parents rise to the bait every time. Keep yanking those chains middies ! Moms can't help themselves and must try to save/change the "bad mids". You can almost smell the fear on the moms who must be panicing, thinking: my child is going to have to live with these 'bad mids' next year.</p>

<p>It's sweeps month in May. Can't wait to read the postings!</p>

<p>DeepThroat is not a mid. He is an Academy grad. I also wouldn't consider his posts to be similar to the "bad mids."</p>

All moms are "good moms"


<p>Well, of course! ;)</p>

<p>Need I remind you that May 8 is Mother's Day??</p>

<p>Bad as i wanna be. and i'm going screw with your kids next year!</p>

<p>Just remember this "momism". What goes around, comes around. Someday you'll be out in the fleet at the mercy of your senior enlisted who will make or break your first tour of you really want to rack up all that bad karma by messing with the plebes? Think about it!</p>


<p>Didn't you know that West Point has its own soap opera, "Beast and Beyond"? The very dramatic climax will air on Monday, June 27 - all day. But stay tuned, as there will be many cliffhangers in the future.</p>

<p>Wow, the Army forum is so dull and boring that the prospective caddies, I mean cadets, are trolling the Navy boards. What are the Army parents/cadets discussing--BOOTS; while the Navy crowd is having dynamic and downright philosophical discussions (albeit, somewhat nasty and sophomoric). I suggest we band together and have a really interesting discussion about why USNA is far superior to USMA! ;) (On another thread please.)</p>

<p>USNA better? Ha. USMA trains you to be a leader while USNA trains you to ride boats. Maybe there are far more postings on the USNA thread because future mids gets confused easily. Thank goodness there is a plethora of mothers who know more about the Academy then the acual mids who post on here. </p>

<p>But seriously they are both great places. My dad went to USNA and I am going to USMA. We all know Air Force is the joke though.</p>

<p>Maybe you mid-wannabes have time to worry about arguing on this forum, but as you can see on the WP forum, the future New Cadets do not. We have more important things to think about, i.e. the 15 mile ruck march we'll be going on in the summer. How many miles will you future midshipmen have to march in full gear? And how long does your Plebe summer last, again? </p>

<p>And amen, Renken. :)</p>

<p>To anyone that might have been offended, all of the above was meant in good fun. My best friend is going to the Naval Academy.</p>

<p>Glad to see everyone getting along here on USNA's thread.</p>

<p>Drumroll: How many USNA candidates does it take to screw in a lightbulb?</p>

<p>Drumroll: None, as long as their mothers are around.</p>

<p>Drumroll: How many USMA candidates does it take to screw in a lightbulb?</p>

<p>Drumroll: None. The USNA candidate moms are so nice, they do it for us, too.</p>

<p>Carpa diem !! Only 2 months til we lose all freedom as we now know it.</p>


Apparently they do, however, have time to discuss threads much more important like "Shoe Size" "More Boots info" "Can I wear flip-flops to I-day" and "Boots and Low Quarters"
Why are they so concerned with their feet?!?!?</p>


<p>remember this midism. during plebe year, i already got what came around back to me. now it's my turn to dish it out.</p>

It's difficult to type while I'm laughing! :D</p>


<p>"Carpa diem" At USNA it's spelled Carpe Diem, and "Desparate" is spelled desperate.</p>

<p>Finally some humor again</p>

<p>Tyler, I read Absolutely American about West Point and evidently, if the Cadre fail to take care of their Plebe's feet on marches etc, it can result in coming before the Honor Board. I guess having foot issues is a much bigger deal at West Point than at Navy. Probably something to do with all the marching.</p>

<p>See, humor is the only thing that can keep us going sometimes.</p>

<p>i think the future cadets are just jealous so they longingly read the usna posts. just like at the school not too much exciting is happening on their boards.</p>

<p>alright go4it you like jokes, here's one:
Did you ever hear what happened after the woop transferred to the Naval Academy?
Both schools average scores went down.</p>

<p>ha i guess we are starting the rivalry already.</p>

<p>usna09mom: Can I send my papers to you for editing next year? Think i may need to change majors from english to ingineering, I mean, engineering.</p>

<p>To make amends, here's my english lesson for the day:</p>

<p>There are only four words in the English language which end in "-dous": tremendous, horrendous, stupendous, and hazardous. Look it up if you don't believe me.</p>

<p>Is it a coincident that all of them describe first year at the academies?</p>

<p>I don't think so.</p>

<p>I can think of "palladous" and "vanadous" off the top of my head (you must not have taken plebe chemistry yet!). </p>


<p>PS--Ooooh--and what about "apodous." You know, like a snake!</p>

<p>hypochlorous, chlorous, bromous, hypobromous, sulfurous, nitrous, iodous, hypoiodous, phosphorous, etc, etc. I could keep on going but you get the point. Straight from freshman (plebe) chemistry.