Desparately need an answer

<p>Ok, I am right now in the 9th grade and I just wanted to know whether I could put some really cool stuff I won in grades 1-3 on my resume when I apply to college. To name a few - chess tournaments; 7th in the nationals 4th in the state 3rd in the city (Championships) Top ten ranked in the country at that time (when I was living in the states) Live in India now. Please reply</p>


<p>If you continue your interest in chess you could say "10 years playing chess competitively" or something like that. But my college counselor told me not even to put MS awards on my applications</p>

<p>But does this have any weightage in my resume? Btw, what are MS awards</p>

<p>Middle School awards</p>

<p>How effective is '10 years of competitve chess' on my resume? I will be getting a fide rating soon - will that sum up all the awards Ive won - its kinda disheartening to know that after scoring in the top ten in the country in huge tournaments - there is no weightage for the same :-(</p>