Desperate!! Chances from CC to UCBerkeley

<p>Hi !!</p>

<p>I'm hoping for UC Berkeley, business. I'm searching for a Community College anywhere in California that might increase my chances being accepted as a transfer applicant to UCB for the junior year. Any ideas?</p>

<p>Also, what are the chances of UCB accepting an international transfer applicant, given that I will study my brains dry during my two years at the Community College?</p>

<p>Deep Springs</p>

<p>just kidding. Santa Monica College has a high transfer rate, but doing well at any community college or cal state would help I'm sure.</p>

<p>Is your name a reference to the MMORPG, risk your life, or just your initials?</p>

<p>haha... actually my name is cheryl. but people call me ryl. i guess they're just lazy. haha. thanks for the info!</p>

<p>For the last few years, Diablo Valley College (aka DVC) in Pleasant Hill has been the top CC "feeder" to Berkeley. It's 8 or 10 miles from the Berkeley. I don't know that it would increase your "chances" but you'd be close enough to spend time on the campus, attend all their transfer events, etc.</p>

<p>hmm... thanks alot!</p>

<p>There is a college called the Trinity College Foundation Studies in Australia which i got accepted into. It's a year's course, and if I make the required score, I will be guaranteed a spot in the University of Melbourne, which is one of the top universities in Australia (1st or 2nd place).</p>

<p>Although that sounds good, I would still like to go to UC Berkeley. What do you think of my chances if I transfer there for the junior year?</p>