Desperate for a job here, help?

<p>Hi all, I've been applying to jobs here at school & around blacksburg since the semester started but to no avail. I've applied to Dining Services, Squires, & other things listed on Hokies4Hire so far and have followed up in contacting them by phone & email but STILL can't seem to find a job.</p>

<p>Does anyone know any places that are hiring immediately? Or a better way to get a job with the popular places on campus (especially the dining halls)? I'm pretty desperate since I have a lot more bills this semester, and I have a pretty free schedule MWF and weekends. Thanks!</p>

<p>Did you try the calling center? I know a lot of people that worked there and it seemed like you could usually get a job there.</p>

<p>I will try there, thanks for the advice. </p>

<p>Anyone else know of places? I have big gaps of time free from 11 AM-7 PM MW, free days on Friday/Saturday, so if you know anyone who needs afternoons or weekends filled, please let me know!</p>