Desperate for Advice on College!

Hi, I’m a student from Ohio and I really want to go to the University of Cincinnati. I applied to their DAAP program for Commination Design. I got into their college but sadly couldn’t get into their program so they placed me in their exploratory program. Do you think there’s a chance that I can take the required classes so I can get in next year instead of this year, or should I go to Ball State University or another college and go to their visual communications/communication design program and then transfer? I need help making a choice and I’m so afraid that I will make the wrong choice. Is it still even possible for me to get into their DAAP program next year? I’m so lost and I am so desperate for advice. The reason why I want to UC so bad is that they have an excellent co-op program. Please help. I also want to minor in advertising.

I don’t know anything about this program, but if I were you I would call or email the school/admissions office and ask for advice. Find out what were the weak aspects of your application compared to successful applicants to the program. You could add that you are committed to reaching that level and ask which path would put you in the best place for eventual admissions to the program you want. Alternatively, you could contact the chair of the department to ask for advice. Be polite and professional and send thank you notes to anyone who took time to answer your questions!

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I don’t know a lot about DAAP but from what I do know, it is a very regimented program that ends up being five years. I have heard of people who transfer into DAAP, but it usually ends up extending their college plan.

Transferring in is always iffy - I get that question a lot about the nursing program. You certainly need to get more information based on what someone at DAAP says - not general admissions. Even if you can transfer in, consider that it might mean an extra year (or two!) of college.

Also, UC’s co-op program is good but not perfect. Students are responsible for finding their own co-ops, although the university offers some help in terms of how to find one. I know of some kids this year who didn’t get a co-op, and took a semester off.