Desperate! Please chance me!

<p>2.7 and a 1900
Upward grade trend, 3 AP's and 2 honors senior year
Solid EC's and volunteering, applied priority</p>

<p>Applied to NB SAS AND SEBS + Newark SAS</p>

<p>I think Newark you'd get in...</p>

<p>NB..the SATs are solid and ECs seem average...but the GPA..its hard to tell.</p>

<p>I think you have a fair chance honestly. I think SEBs is a reach, and NB SAS is a farther reach</p>

<p>TBH i think you will be fine for NB SAS.. Solid ECs with upward trend is good, and 1900 sat shows you have the ability to do well if you try.</p>

<p>Thanks for the input guys. I just got into Newark SAS and am still waiting on NB SAS and SEBS</p>


<p>A friend of mine is in a similar situation like your's...but its the opposite</p>

<p>good GPA, about a 3.4, but only a 1610 SAT. He got into newark SAS but SEBs and SAS NB are in process. Hope he gets in, and I hope you do too!</p>

<p>bummmp anyone else please. i would really appreciate it</p>