Desperate Senior here!

<p>I submitted my cuny application before the 2/12014 deadline but my SAT weren’t sent until 2/3/14 by the collegeboard. Will my application still be considered? Also, I only listed 3 CUNY schools on they cuny app and kind of regret it now. Do you think it would be possible to call them up and add a few more schools on the list even though i submitted the app already? I’m just scared that I won’t get into any of my choices. (i applied to john jay, hunter, and baruch)</p>

<p>I have a 90 gpa weighted, 88 unweighted
1840 and 1870 on the SATs

  • I failed a music class freshman year and an elective sophmore year, other than that my grades are all in the high 85-99 range. </p>

<p>I’m sure in certain situations they’ll process your other applications and wait for the SAT scores because sometimes they can be quite slow… I’d call them though to be sure.</p>