Desperate times, guys. Help. Please.

Long story short:

Did not take high school seriously first two and a half years, landed some a few D’s and an F on my transcript, my GPA weighted is a 2.78.

The first grading period for my senior year just ended, my GPA is impeccable, including AP classes, too! BUT on my college apps I HAVE to use my transcript from my junior year… which is a 2.78.
My DREAM school is FSU, so I’m wondering if I should apply late with a better GPA or if I should apply on time with a really crappy GPA.

Advice, help, anything. Please. What would you do?

I’m not sure what FSU is, but I would say apply anyway. Colleges will know when you show effort. If they see last you got a 2.78 and this year you have, let’s say, a 3.7, they will probably think “This kid ain’t messing around anymore”. BUT i am not an admissions officer. Apply now, because if you do make it, then you don’t have to apply late.

If your test scores are at least the minimum requirements for FSU, and especially if they’re significantly higher, then by all means, apply. The worst they can do is not accept you!

As to when to apply, DO NOT apply late. Many schools will not even glance at applications which are received late, and FSU even specifically states that they reserve the right to close applications early depending on the quality and quantity of the ones they get. To me, this signals that they probably won’t consider late ones. That said, definitely apply by their January 18th deadline–your school should have mid-year grades by then (unless I’m mistaken? It’s been a few years since I lived in FL, so I don’t quite remember when they hand out report cards there…) and that means that the first half of your senior year will show up on the transcripts FSU will see.

An upward trend is a much better thing in the eyes of admissions counselors than a downward one, so don’t entirely discount yourself for FSU. Everything else on your application will have to look pretty exceptional, though–extracurriculars, test scores, essays, etc.

I would always apply earlier than later

I would apply early and just write in your essay or an additonal info. section about this. Tell your situation and say how you have leanred from it etc Good Luck!

There isn’t an advantage to applying early if your application isn’t as strong; in fact, in this case, I think there’s a serious disadvantage to applying early. Admissions officers don’t care if you’re “working harder” if there’s no concrete proof of improvement. Unless you can send them a mid-semester report, I’d wait until midyear grades are in.

If it’s rolling admissions, NEVER APPLY LATE. If, there is a set deadline, and you know you can raise your GPA by then, then go for it. But, DO NOT GO PAST THAT DEADLINE. Schools with deadlines look at all applications before making their decisions. Schools on rolling admissions makes decisions about who they get when they get them, so slots can be filled up by the time you apply. GPA-wise, really low right now. Are you in-state? That will work on your favor. Another thing you can do is see if they accept high school students to start in the Summer instead of the Fall, because that will give you more of a shot. It might not be ideal that you’ll miss your last summer vacation before college, but not many high school students apply to start in the summer.

Last case scenario, if you don’t get in, DO NOT TAKE A YEAR OFF! Apply as a full time student, get EXCELLENT grades, then transfer to FSU after your first year, if not, definitely after your 2nd year! They’re very lenient on transfers from community colleges. If anything, I know FOR A FACT that they would take a transfer w/ an AA degree from a community college than a transfer from any 4-year university. I’ve spoken to them personally about this. It’s because they want to give students a shot who don’t already have a shot from another university!