Desperately Need ACT Prep Center Reccs!

Hi! I’m a rising junior in high school, and I’m planning to take the ACT exam this school year. I’ve been preparing for it on my own, but feel that I need to go to a test prep center for my speed problem. I aim to score a 35 or 36 on the exam, but am currently scoring 30s on practice tests because of this problem. Does anyone have any test prep center recommendations that are located in or near Manhasset, NY? Thank you in advance!

I am a test prep tutor. Please save your money and use a private one on one tutor who will help you with your individual needs. Test prep centers are a rip off, IMO. Many of the students I see have done test prep course first. Really, don’t waste your time. Post on a local fb page for recs.

CC is not intended to a be a site for promoting private inverted businesses and therefore I am closing. Look for reviews of known test prep companies elsewhere online.