Desperately need help

<p>Okay, I will be checking this thread constantly because I am so worried and nervous now after still not finding a solution to my problem:</p>

<p>So I applied to Yale under Early Action and was deferred so I moved onto the other schools I was interested in, but this is where the problem lies. My reference letters all mentioned Yale, from all 3 teachers. I need to be able to get them to send in their new letters along with adding the mid term reports, but I cannot . They said it wont allow them o change anything.Ive tried deleting and resetting them as teachers but it wont let me.</p>

<p>Now I have no idea what to do. I thought maybe if I printed off their new letters and then sent them off through post, but I dont know if when I submit my application if it will send off the school forms also. You would think this would be changeable but it seems to not be.</p>

<p>If someone good please respond as quickly as possible that would be fantastic</p>

<p>I messaged commonapp a week ago and still no response</p>

<p>The teachers' recommendations will only be sent to a particular college if you "assign" those teachers as references for that college.</p>

<p>You can send the school forms by postal mail, which sounds like a good solution for you. The only problem you might run into is not allowing you to submit your application without identifying teachers for your recommendations. If this is a problem for you, try "inviting" teachers with the same names (or similar; e.g., Chuck instead of Charles) but no email addresses, then assign your recommendations to the newly invited teachers. That makes treat them as "offline providers," a fancy way of saying their letters will be mailed.</p>

<p>Thanks for your help, but the problem is that once I duplicated the Commonapp so I could do the other schools, it duplicated the teachers also, not allowing me to edit them</p>

<p>I had that problem too. Their tech support can fix that for you.</p>

<p>I had that problem too so what I did was to resend another email to the teachers. But this time I add the middle name of the teacher (or if their name is shorten like John ask for their extended name --> Johnny )on the Common Application so it's like adding a totally new teacher. The teachers have to submit again their letters. Finally, you assign your teachers (with the new name on the Common Application). Done</p>

<p>Exactly what nyc_dream1 said. That's what I was trying to suggest in an earlier post on this thread, but (s)he has said it more clearly.</p>