Details, Please!!!

<p>Can anyone provide any information on this school? Son is compiling a list of colleges to visit. Thanks!</p>

<p>What would you like to know about it? </p>

<p>We were just there I have pretty recent info. Average SAT score is around a 1080. GPA of around 3.3. 15,000 + undergrads. Less than 5,000 of them actually live on campus, so it's very much a commuter / suitcase college. 30% are involved in campus activities. Large offerings in the academic departments so that was nice to see. 1/3 of the students are minorities (African American / Asian / Hispanic, etc.) Large number of international students.</p>

<p>It's a large campus in a city .. about a mile or two from the main gate of the Naval Base. They're undergoing a lot of construction (building a new rec center and quad style dorm system). About 20 minutes from the Virginia Beach Oceanfront.</p>

<p>Anything else you'd like to know in particular?</p>


<p>Thanks for your info, Kelly.</p>

<p>My daughter is interested in their speech pathology program. She has several colleges she would like to visit and we thought we would stop by Old Dominion on one of our trips. I am sorry to hear it's more of a commuter college -- she would be there on weekends.</p>

<p>I think they're trying to change that 'commuter feel' but it's going to take awhile! I took my daughter there because I grew up in Va Beach and my father retired from ODU. So the campus has improved over the years since I last visited...but we were there on a Saturday and didn't see very many students and the Chick Fil A on campus is only open Monday through Friday and closes at 7pm on weeknights, so that leads me to believe that there isn't much available for on-campus students.</p>

<p>Have you looked at James Madison University? That's my daughter's #1 school right now -- we've already visited 3 times! -- and I think they have a speech pathology program as well. Lovely campus and tons of activities.</p>

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<p>Yes, Kelly, we are visiting James Madison as well. We did a drive-by last summer when my son was visiting schools. We happened to be there on a Sunday when no tours were offered, so we are heading down over spring break. Again, thanks for your help.</p>

<p>I'm going to ODU for computer science. I already found at job there in the computer department. I believe they will pay my tuition if I work for them through my whole time in college.</p>

<p>ODU just finished its new state of the art dorm quad. My understanding is 70% of incoming freshman now live on campus. New dorms, new rec center, new 20,000 seat football stadium. This campus is going to be awesome when the construction eases.</p>

<p>A lot of kids live in houses or apartments off campus. they are not necessarily commuting from home. The campus has made a number of very recent improvements - a new apartment complex is opening next fall.<br>
ODU is the most diverse school in Va. A lot of military kids - since Norfolk is a military town. Looks like both men's and women's basketball have a great shot at the NCAA Tournament and they just got football last fall.</p>

<p>Can anyone talk about the surrounding neighborhoods? Any safety issues?</p>

<p>Its an urban campus so there is always the possibility of something happening, but its as safe or safer than its peer institutions (VCU/GMU/ECU). The campus itself is very safe and the public safety numbers confirm that. The neighborhood on the north side is very nice, the east side is under construction. Most of the sketchy stuff was torn down and is being replaced by businesses and the campus expansion. The west side is bordered by the Elizabeth River, so no problems there. Its the south side that gets a bit sketchy. Students know not to go much farther than about 3 blocks from campus on the south side, and as long as they follow that rule, everything is usually just fine. ODU has 22,000 students so theres safety in numbers too. You usually hear of a couple of muggings a year and bikes getting stolen. Sadly, normal campus stuff anywhere these days.</p>

<p>It really is not a good idea to go down the south side. It gets pretty bad down that area sometimes. I personally didn't know this until my cousin told me himself that its bad cause he goes to the college. Plus my dad told me himself as well and other people who worked there on the campus too.
I'm an incoming freshman but I'm commuting.</p>