Determine What Type of Housing You Recieved! (Summer C Only)

<p>Ok, you can already find out what type of housing you received (Single, Double, Triple, w/Batch etc.)</p>

<p>Follow these steps:
1. Log into your blackboard account and head the your secure apps.
2. Go to "My Account Statement"
3. At the bottom of the page your housing invoice should appear. Take that price and add $100 dollars to it.
4. Proceed to this page: The</a> Florida State University - University Housing
5. Look under Summer C for the price that you have calculated from Step 3 & you should be able to see the type of housing you got.</p>

<p>Goodluck! </p>

<p>(Cannot determine what hall you are assigned to)</p>

<p>$ I guess I'm either a single or double with bath. yup def. double lol</p>