<p>My daughter and her blocking group have been placed in DeWolfe instead of their House. She is totally fine with it, but I was wondering what those who have been in DeWolfe see as the advantages and disadvantages. Does this hinder at all becoming a member of the House community? Thanks.</p>

<p>D would have loved to request DeWolfe as her housing. Her group though was a group of 5 and the DeWolfe houses are apartments of 4. Your daughter is also Quincy. If you look at the campus camp, DeWolfe is about as far from New Quincy as Old Quincy is to new. I also believe that Quincy gets the whole 2nd floor (but i could be wrong) so there will that connection. I think being a Quincy DeWolfe will be easier to stay a part of the house community than any other house.</p>

<p>BTW D's boyfriend's group of 4 specifically requested a DeWolfe assignment. They were very nervous about NOT getting. They are beyond excited that they will be living there next year. They are Lowell house sophomores.</p>