<p>Does anyone on HSL have it? Cause I seriously think I might be showing symptoms.</p>

<p>Aww gump, maybe you should discuss with a doctor. The symptoms of diabetes are similar to the symptoms of other problems so you need to be sure. I am scared of getting diabetes.</p>

<p>Yeah, I do need to see my doctor. I know one of the symptoms is drinking tons of water, and lately I've been consuming massive amounts of water.</p>

<p>Check for multiple symptoms and let me tell you something. I know of someone who is taking medicine for diabetes but is not diabetic at all, its just a hormonal imbalance, so don't freak out and hang in there.</p>

<p>True, I might not have Type 1. I could just have insipidus, but I don't think my pituitary is screwed up.</p>

<p>Another symptom I've been told is eating extreme amounts of food right before it can get really bad, without it being found yet. My uncle has diabetes, and from what my parents told me, they had dinner with him the night he was diagnosed. He had a huge dinner and later that night, they took him to the hospital as a result of his sickness, where his blood sugar was at a very high level.</p>

<p>However, yes, urinating a lot is definitely a symptom. However, it can be fairly decieving. In the winter, I thought I might have been getting diabetes (I have family members with it too) because I really was thirsty and urinated a ton. But, it just went away, likely because I had a bad cough right before this started, which would explain the thirst, explaining why I went to the bathroom so much. I can only assume it was just the end of the cough that caused it.</p>

<p>Even so, the others' advice is useful. See a doctor, just to be safe.</p>

<p>I think I will eventually. I know my feet tingle often, and neuropathy is a symptom of diabetes.</p>

<p>I have diabetes. Feet pain, peeing a lot, and feeling dizzy are the most common symptoms. But definitely see your doctor and get an A1C test done.</p>

<p>When I was younger, my doctor said I was at risk of getting diabetes. She said one way she could tell because my knuckles were a little bit darker than the rest of hands. Are yours?</p>

<p>Yeah, I'll need a physical before I go off to college next year, so I'll have to get one soon.</p>

<p>Edit-- No, but I have heard of people having dark necks due to insulin resistance.</p>

<p>Never heard anything about knuckles. I do have something on my neck, it looks like dirt almost. It's caused by diabetes, but I've never heard of anything similar anywhere else on the body.</p>

<p>Ugh, really? My neck is kind of dark too... Maybe I should go to the doctor soon because I never really followed up with the risk thing.</p>

<p>Diabetes runs through my entire family :[ Many of my cousins have diabetes one of my younger ones got it when he was around 8 years old [found out when his mom noticed him having to urinate A LOT]:[ Now his mom is a control freak when it comes to what he can and can't eat. It's so strictly moderated. My grandpa from my dad's side had it and my grandma from my mom's side has it. So do many of my aunts and uncles.</p>

<p>Luckily, both of my parents didn't inherit it though...but I think I'm at risk for developing it...it's all good though since I eat quite healthily & have a balanced diet.</p>

<p>Well, its always a good idea. Getting your A1C tested is just a matter of getting some blood drawn and letting them test it.</p>

<p>Ugh, I guess I can deal with that. I need to be check-up anyways. I keep having horrible knee and leg pains.</p>