Dickinson College

Any more thoughts about this LAC and science as opposed to other LACs(Lafayette and F&M)?

Have you visited them all? Are you looking for merit money?

Dickinson is solid in bio and chem. I might look elsewhere for Physics (but I probably wouldn’t look at F&M or Lafayette, either, in that case).

Yes it is down to Dickinson and Lafayette
Not concerned about merit money
any other thoughts?

What specific STEM field are you interested in? What are your stats? What are your goals after completing your undergrad degree?

Given Lafayette’s strong engineering program and higher selectivity, I would think it would be a better choice for science, with the possible exception of environmental science.

Since it looks like the same person @intparent is the sole voice on Dickinson College, thought we’d better chime in. Our son goes to the law school there & he is getting an excellent education! He said the undergrads he talks to say they have to study rigorously to earn top grades, but that it’s well worth it. His GF is a Psych major there and in her first year, she had to not only study the text and do tons of written work and exams, but also a practicum in the Carlisle area. That’s harder than most schools first year Psych studies. But she loved her prof.

Lol - always happy for more parents or students to chime in! I just hate to see questions go unanswered, and my D had a great experience at Dickinson. :slight_smile:

I’m confused. Does Dickinson College have a law school?

Yes. I think it is actually one of the two law schools of Penn State, but it is located in Carlisle. Originally it was Dickinson Law School, but merged with Penn State’s law school around 2000.

Thank you.

When do Dickinson’s RD results come out?

Looks like today or tomorrow (according to Twitter and snapchat)! Good luck!

@GrayStrong - I don’t see anything posted on Twitter. Are decisions posted on the portal or only mailed?

Portal. If you search #dson2023 and click latest, you will see the tweet ?

Decisions are out

Son denied, but needed full aid so not surprised. This was a target school though.

Rejected. I feel like college is sometimes just a crapshoot because Dickinson deferred then rejected me when another college, that received exactly the same materials, accepted me with a full ride

Daughter was rejected, which was painful, and really, surprising. It was a solid, solid match. We’ll see what the rest of the weekend holds. She was accepted to Gettysburg with great merit; all-all a good day.

I got deffered ED 2 RD then I got rejected. So bizarre and shocking. I did an alumni interview and everything. But I got into Trinity College tonight

Son accepted. But doesn’t look like enough aid. Just too expensive I think.