Dickinson early acceptance applicant statistics

Hi everyone, I’ve just read that Dickinson has released most of their ED letters. First off i would to congratulate those who were accepted, and to those who were not, best of luck with your other applications. Anyway, if both parties could post their HS stats that would be very helpful to me. Thanks!

released most of their ED letters? when was this point written?

@lostaccount I saw an article online listing the acceptance rate for ED for the class of 2020

I think you mean they released their ED statistics. ED letters went out months ago. :slight_smile:

Likewise, I would really appreciate if ppl could post their stats

Do you know about the Common Data Set? It gives metrics like test score ranges.

@intparent what is that exactly?

Google “Common Data Set” and the college name for almost any college. You will find a standardized set of data about admissions, financial aid, etc.


I know this is old but ok…weighted gpa 3.9, act score 30