Dickinson housing?

Are singles easily available to upperclassmen or do students generally live in doubles all four years? The college website lists three main housing options: ‘traditional dorms’, ‘special interest housing’, and ‘small houses and apartments’. Are there singles in all of them?

I think my kid had a single in an apartment-style house her last couple of years there.

My daughter had a friend across the hall in her freshman dorms in a single. I’m pretty sure for a nominal fee you can request a single. You can always email housing and ask. I don’t think singles are hard to come by. They just build a beautiful senior dorm building, so I doubt there is any type of housing shortage.
(My daughter is now in a single room in a house that belongs to the college -she has celiac disease - they offered her an apartment with a kitchen - no extra charge - she got to choose the two roommates for the other bedroom.)

Thanks for the info.