Dickinson party life

Hey everyone, I’m pretty interested in Dickinson and everything about the school sounds fantastic, except the party scene. Well, maybe not the party scene, but rather the on campus partying. From what I’ve heard Dickinson is really cracking down on the drinking and partying. Not that I love to drink or anything, but I do enjoy partying and feel as though this is kinda a big part of college. Anyway, I could be wrong, but I would love to hear people’s opinions about this and whatnot

I’m a current student at Dickinson. Public safety at Dickinson is definitely more aggressive than nearby schools such as Gettysburg but that does not mean there is a lack of parties. Dickinson isn’t a party school and not every party is great but many of them can be pretty fun. It will be hard to find parties at first during the beginning of freshman year, unless you are on a sports team then you will have no trouble at all. If you join a sports team or a greek organization, partying at dickinson will definitely be easier and more fun. One thing that is great about the party scene at Dickinson is that its relatively non-exclusive and people here aren’t as rude as other schools that I’ve partied at.