Dickinson RD 2025

I didn’t see a thread for Dickinson regular decision so I thought I’d start one…

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We are on pins and needles!! D’son is top of the list for us!!


Same here! Any idea when they are releasing decisions?


Very nervous to get my decision - I really love DIckinson!

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They say by mid-March

Coach told my daughter 3/15/2021.


Just a question - has everyone who applied RD done an interview with a Dickinson counselor? I’m wondering how critical that is, as I’ve visited but not interviewed.

My son interviewed with an admissions counselor. I remember reading this school puts a lot of weight on “demonstrated interest.”
The wait for these admissions decisions is wearing us down! Good luck, everyone!

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Yes, we interviewed. From our research, they seem to like “demonstrated interest”

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My family is about to find out the answer to that question! My older son interviewed and was accepted 3 years ago (did not attend because the merit aid they awarded him was TERRIBLE). My younger son (the one who has just applied now for Class of 2025) has similar stats to his brother, but he applied RD/never interviewed…and I will be very curious to see if he still gets in. And if he does get in, will the merit award be zero, something low, or better than what they offered my older son?

Interesting! Mind sharing their stats? And where did your older son end up? GL to your younger one!

My older son had a 3.5 GPA (attended the #1 ranked high school in our state) and a 1430 SAT. About 8 honors and 2 AP classes. Very good ECs and a good essay. He was accepted to Dickinson with $9k/year merit which barely made a dent. He was also accepted at: Ithaca, Fordham, Franklin & Marshall, Trinity College, Union, UConn, UDel, UVermont, and wait listed at Bucknell and NYU. My younger son has the same GPA, but no test score, fewer honors and only 1 AP. He’s in uh-oh territory, I think :wink:

GL and keep us posted!

Now I’m worried! My daughter didn’t interview with a counselor but did attend a lot of virtual sessions where she interacted quite a bit with presenters and students both during and after the sessions. I wonder if they will consider that as demonstrated interest. She really loves Dickinson but tends to be shy. She’s already been accepted at 4 other schools EA (I’m not sure why she didn’t apply to Dickinson EA). She has a 4.25 gpa with honors/high honors in her courses, some sports, (Ultimate, Rock climbing), volunteer work, summer job at Organic Farm. Goes to a very small charter school that doesn’t rank students and has a class of just 28 kids. Crossing fingers for good news tomorrow!

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Good luck to your D! She couldn’t apply to Dickinson EA because they only have ED and RD. My S21 is waiting for news, too…this will be the final school he hears from, but even if he gets in, we’ll have to see if it’s affordable enough.

Has it been confirmed that we’re getting decisions tomorrow?

Well that would explain it.

I saw it here, but the admissions website says “late March”.

Instagram post says to keep an eye on your email inbox this afternoon!


They said that they don’t know the exact time, but they expect it to be later than 3pm.

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