Dickinson RD class of 2022

Hey guys. I found that there is no thread for RD here so I thought of making one for discussions and questions.
Does any of you know when to expect decisions?

Late March but no specific date.

I contacted the admissions office and they told me decisions will be released in mid-March. No specific date, though.

I’m thinking by the end of the week…that’s when most of my RD decisions are coming out as well. Last year decision came out on the 16th.

Just got the decision, was waitlisted :confused: anyone else??

Waitlisted :frowning: it’s okay


I was rejected…congrats to the rest of you guys

I was rejected but I guessed I’m not surprised, I didn’t show any demonstrated interest…

Rejected…congrats everyone else that made it

Daughter accepted with a nice scholarship :slight_smile:
Congrats to all who got in.
Hugs to those not getting the news they’d hoped for. WIshing you luck on the rest of your acceptances.

Accepted with the John Dickinson Scholarship!

DD just checked in. Accepted.

For those who were waitlisted, do you have any idea of why you may’ve been placed on the waitlist? Do you think your stats/ECs weren’t strong enough? Perhaps too strong? Any tips on what to do next? Does anyone know how many problem from the waitlist are ultimately accepted?

*people, not problem

Okay, I was plain rejected and I really don’t know why. I had an amazing interview, I think that my why Dickinson essay is pretty good and my stats are 5.95 out of 6 GPA (all honours), 750 math, 730 reading (1480 total SAT1), 760 sat2 biology and 730 math 2, AP Bio 4 and calc BC 3 - not exactly ivy stuff for the most part, so i can’t say i’m overqualified. I’m also an international who needs financial aid, but I know about people from my country with the same amount of aid needed and far lower scores who were admitted. I know that colleges never give you a reason but it honestly really hurts, since I could really imagine myself in Dickinson. I had the scores for there, i had the ECs for sure (research, volunteer work, president of clubs, etc.), so my only explanation is the financial aid thing. What do you think? Someone please tell me a logical reason, because it’s really a painful rejection and I’m loosing all hope.

@aliqqq, I’m so sorry for your disappointment. I’m a parent and DD18 is my third D to go through this process. The long and short of it is that it’s not personal. Your stats were great and I’m sure you are too. I know they aren’t need blind so it could be that.

@aliqqq I’m so sorry. Perhaps you were seen as someone who was not going to go. (Tufts syndrome). There’s no reason not to call them to discuss. But you will find a great college and be successful!

Maybe there is something in your recommendations. Sometimes non-US recommenders give a painfully honest recommendation (with equal discussion of your weaknesses and strengths) that isn’t helpful in admissions. And, of course, international FA is limited.

Son accepted with a Dickinson and Trustee scholarship.