Dickinson Student Banking/ATMs

Interested to learn of banking options for Dickinson students. Are their ATMs on campus? If so, do they belong to a particular local bank? Is there a particular local bank that most students use? Where/how do student go about accessing cash on campus / near campus when they need it? I’m sure the need for cash is much less than when I attended college years ago. Thanks!

There is one ATM in the student union building (HUB) by M&T Bank. The branch is about 2 or three blocks away.

@frank6215 Thank you for the reply. We must have overlooked the ATM our few times in the HUB. Probably walked right by it. Turns out that our local bank has a student checking account that refunds $30 of ATM fees monthly so we have gone that route. This should allow for use of that ATM without concern for fees adding up. Thanks again for the information.