Did any of you that got accepted screw up really badly in high school

<p>I'm a junior in high school and in need of a little encouragement right now. My grades aren't looking too good and neither are my extra curricular activities.</p>

<p>yeah i did, i had like a 3.5ish weighted UC gpa
horrible extracurriculars, 0 clubs, a few sports (not super good or anything), and a volunteer gig for extracurriculars (i listed like 3 on the app only)
super high test scores though, APs, SAT, Sat 2s, which probably got me in (spring admit, though)
essays showed i could write well i guess, but i just wrote about things in order to score points under their grading rubric
also, rigorous high school </p>

<p>I didn’t do too great my freshman/sophomore years, but made a comeback my junior and senior years. Not just in grades but also in getting involved - I joined many different clubs/activities to see how they were like and also so I could volunteer. I didn’t have high hopes on Berkeley but due to a combination of hard work, getting outside of my comfort zone and God’s grace, I got in and will be attending Cal come Fall of this year.</p>

<p>My advice to you is don’t get discouraged by one failure, because you are more than a test score (cliche I know, but still). Just pick yourself up, learn from your mistakes and keep moving forward. Good luck!</p>

<p>If you call getting one C+ in sophomore year screwing up, then yes.
I was still accepted with a full-ride Regents scholarship, so it obviously didn’t matter all that much in the whole grand scheme of things.</p>

<p>You sorta need to explain your circumstances (if any) for getting unsatisfactory grades. Obviously “unsatisfactory” is subjective.</p>

<p>I screwed up pretty seriously in high school… failed a couple classes, didn’t care about my GPA, didn’t really try. I don’t know what my stats were, but they weren’t pretty. I ended up going the transfer route (two years at CC, then transfer for the last two years) instead, and now I’m graduating from Berkeley. No matter how badly you screw up in high school, and even if admissions don’t go your way senior year, there’s always hope. :)</p>