Did anyone apply in Colgate ED II?

<p>To the people who applied in Colgate ED II: did you get your admission decision? If not, when we will hear from Colgate?</p>

<p>Please post your comments, share your Colgate stories - sad, happy, demoralizing, inspiring......</p>


<p>I applied ED II on Dec 25 and I am told that my decisions are mailed to me. SInce I am an International student I have not yet received it though. They do not reveal decisions electronically....also, does anyone knw if they send mails through FedEX or DHL or simply in the PO Box??</p>

<p>@Sickrate: are you sure that they don't reveal decisions electronically? I thought they would send an e-mail abt admission decision to intl students. </p>

<p>Btw I am also an intl student. And I also applied in Colgate ED II on Dec 15.</p>

<p>Sickrate: Didn't you apply to colby EDII??</p>

<p>OMG, Ms. Ryan said she mailed the verdict like a week ago. I am so exited!!!( and scared, obviously!) Colgate is the love of my life and I can't wait to get in! :')</p>

<p>No, kopite....my friend applied EDII to Colby.....he is in his village right now..so I am accessing his email ID and will tell him his decisions over the phone.. Heard anything yet guys??</p>

<p>@Liberalartslover: mailed as in FEDEX?? Btw are you intl??</p>

<p>Yes,I am an international applicant from Nepal! umm, I think they sent the verdicts via regular mail!!!It would take about a week or two before you get it!</p>

<p>I am so excited!! I hope it's a "YEESSSSS"!</p>

<p>@Liberalartslover: Best of luck!
And please post in this thread if you hear something from them.
Btw, I am also an intl and i m also hoping for a "YESSSS"! :D</p>