Did anyone else get a letter from Rider saying "We are very interested"?


I auditioned for Rider at the LA Unified Auditions. Today I got an email from Robin Lewis saying that he observed my audition from LA and that “We are very interested”, then proceeded to attach information about the program and say that he would like me to apply. Did anyone else get this email?

Sounds like you should apply!! :slight_smile:

Planning on it! Seems like not too many people have gotten this email. Heres to hoping my dancing is strong enough! :slight_smile:

I agree, that email means you need to apply because they are very interested.


@thephantom1050 my D got the same letter from Robin 3 years ago the same day she applied; she’s now a sophomore in the MT program at Rider and loves it!!! By all means apply and BAL, lots of Cali kids in the program and they all seem to be very happy there.

It sounds like a really nice program in a good location. I am definitely considering it. :slight_smile:

It is a very good program with excellent faculty and Princeton is a beautiful town.

If you’ve already auditioned then haven’t you already applied?

I actually auditioned as a walk in at Unifieds

Rider is on my son’s list. Any information from the student’s perspective will be greatly appreciated!

We got that email too. We had a scheduled audition at LA Unifieds. And now we wait :slight_smile:

Yay! She got a phone message today that she was accepted for musical theatre and she has received an award of… and then the message cut off. LOL