Did anyone else get...

<p>Did anyone else get the Carnegie Mellon iN (Magazine?) in the mail?</p>

<p>Yeah, I did about a week or two ago</p>

<p>I didn't :(</p>

<p>yeah, I got it</p>

<p>Could this be a sign? or just wishful thinking? All of my friends that applied did not receive one.</p>

<p>Okay let's post stats.</p>

<p>Did you get the magazine? Yes
School? Tepper
SAT? 1980/2400 (M/R/W): 730/630/620
ACT? 30
GPA (UW)? 3.8
ECs? Dance, piano, church activities, chemistry club, math club</p>

<p>Did you get the magazine? No
School? CIT
SAT? Never Took
ACT? 35
GPA (UW)? 4.0
ECs? FBLA, math club, science olympiad, NHS, Stuco</p>

<p>Magazine: Yes
School: CIT, CE</p>

<p>My stats:
GPA: ~3.8 (Upward Trend Tho) (Unweighted)
SAT: 2190
SAT II (MATH2): 780
SAT II (BIO): 760
SAT II (CHEM): 680</p>

<p>National Merit Commended Student
CSF Life Membership
Volunteer Awards
French Awards
Leadership (ASB)
Speech and Debate
Var. Tennis Team (Captain)
Hecka Club officer positions (More Leadership)
400+ hours of comm. service

<p>I so hope it is a sign. I would be extremely happy. I got mine two days ago, day before yesterday, and I live in NorCal. So, I think everyone should have gotten one by now. And it was addressed to my name specifically and not just :"Carnegie Mellon Applicant, Address..."</p>

<p>CMU is one of the best universities for engineering in the nation/world. So, it would mean a whole lot if it came through!!! :) Wishful Thinking!</p>

<p>Anyways, decisions are coming out in a mere five days. GL!!</p>

<p>WAIT! Could the magazine mean that you are not in too? I mean maybe they are just being polite and encouraging you to apply later on.</p>

<p>Did you get the magazine? Yes
School? Tepper
SAT? 2210/2400 (M/R/W): 780/650/780
ACT? -
GPA (UW)? 3.9
ECs? They're pretty legit....</p>

<p>EEK does anyone for sure know anything yet if the magazine means anything!?</p>

<p>My S auditioned for Musical Theatre in November and got the mag in Jan. He hasn't heard a thing yet, but it would be great if that's what it meant!</p>

<p>His stats would not matter as the audition and resume are a large percentage of the admission.</p>

<p>Does it show up on your status page if you got it? I'm on vacation and haven't had access to my mail in like two weeks. :(</p>

<p>I got one too... they would be JERKS if they sent you a magazine called "iN" and they didn't let you in... LOL </p>

<p>Did you get the magazine? Yes
School? CIT and CS
SAT? 1820 (M/R/W): 660/560/600
SATII: Math II:740, Physics:670
ACT? 32 (M/R/W/S):34/32/28/34
GPA (UW)? 3.88
ECs? Swimming, French Club, NHS, Speech and Debate, IB, Community Service</p>


<p>got mag</p>

<p>Did you get the magazine? No
School? FA - Architecture
SAT? chem 650, math1 770, math 2 760
ACT? 30 (32 super)
GPA (UW)? 3.732
ECs? math club, science olympiad, key club, NHS, Cross country, track.. a lot more...</p>

<p>Magazine: NO</p>

<p>CIT First Choice, SCS Second Choice</p>

<p>SATS: 2170
SAT 2 (Math2,Physics,Chem): 2250</p>

<p>GPA: 3.6
Class Rank: top 20%</p>

<p>My son</p>

<p>Magazine: No</p>

<p>School: CIT</p>

<p>SAT: 2330: 800/750/780 (CR/M/ W)
SAT 2s: Math 2, 800; Physics, 800
GPA: 3.9 uw
Rank: school doesn't rank;probably top 2% of 300
ECs: FIRST robotics, debate (captain of both), math league, science league etc.</p>

<p>i think this "in" magazine is being over analyzed wayyyy to much. it was informational..carnegie mellon has been sending stuff to me for a while now..this was just another edition of their magazine.</p>

<p>^^ </p>

<p>We can dream can't we?</p>

<p>it's a sign!!</p>

I can only hope it's a sign, but I doubt it. I think the people who don't receive it, simply haven't received it yet. I mean, it would be a bit odd if they sent magazines so ahead of the actual notification date. Or perhaps they only send it to people they are likely to accept? Hopefully so!!</p>