Did anyone find eligibility for national recognition difficult to meet this year?

Did anyone find eligibility for national recognition difficult to meet this year?

My son was not eligible to apply as a junior because he did not take the PSAT, and he had only taken one AP test as a sophomore. Therefore, he was considered ineligible.

However, we are Hispanic. He has a 4.9 GPA. He took the SAT last year and was 98th percentile, but they wouldn’t accept it. Then he got his AP scores this past July, and he had two more fives. But then it was too late for him to apply.

This is ridiculous. On paper, he seems like the most eligible candidate. Anyone else in the same boat? We called national recognition to appeal, but they just gave us the runaround.

From the College Board website,


  • **Assessment Criteria—**Students must meet one of the following requirements:
    • Take the PSAT 10 in the spring of their sophomore year and score in the top 10% by state
    • Take the PSAT/NMSQT in the fall of their junior year and score in the top 10% by state
    • Earn a score of 3 or higher on two or more AP exams by their junior year (9th and 10th grade AP scores are considered)
  • GPA Criteria: Students must have a 3.5 GPA or higher
  • Program Criteria: Students who identify as African American or Black, Hispanic American or Latinx, Indigenous, or attend school in a rural or small town.

Did your kid take the PSAT 10 during Sophomore year?

Yes, but he scored terrible. Then he studied and got good.

If you are looking for merit scholarships but could not get national recognition then look for colleges that offer merit scholarships based on GPA and SAT scores.

What field are you interested by / which state are you based in?


Texas. Either business or a bio related field.

For Biology, you should look at Texas Tech, University of Arizona and University of Alabama, that all offer significant scholarships based on GPA/ranking and SAT scores:

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B.S. Biology - General Biology | Ecology & Evolutionary Biology (arizona.edu)

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