did anyone get "accepted for spring 2006?"

<p>from berkeley i got accepted, but for spring 2006. here is what it said</p>

<p>"Dear Marcus,</p>

<p>On behalf of the University community, it is my honor to offer you admission to Berkeley! Your application for transfer admission has been approved for the spring semester 2006, which begins in January. Although you did not apply for the spring term, we are offering this option to selected students we could not admit for fall 2005. We hope that you will consider this offer a great honor and accomplishment. You and your family have every reason to be proud of your academic and personal achievements.</p>

<p>Berkeley offers a learning atmosphere full of possibilities that you will not find anywhere else. Our long-standing reputation for academic excellence and scientific innovation, along with a campus tradition of social and political involvement, has attracted a world-renowned faculty and one of the most talented and diverse student bodies in the nation. </p>

<p>Now we invite you to explore this website, which contains valuable information that you will need to accept our offer of spring admission. You will not be receiving future mailings containing this information —you must visit the "Checklist" page (tab above) and complete the items indicated. We also invite you to visit (or re-visit) Berkeley in the next few weeks for a first-hand look at what our campus has to offer. If you need help accessing information, or would like to speak with an admissions officer, please call (510) 642-3175.</p>

<p>Again, congratulations! We hope that you will choose to join us and make Berkeley’s vast opportunities your own. There is truly no place like Berkeley. Anywhere.</p>


<p>Walter A. Robinson

<p>P.S. You will be receiving your "official" letter and an admission certificate in the mail shortly. "</p>

<p>does this mean that i was borderline? i was missing several premajor requirements though i think... its probably because of that i think... they probably want me to go back to school and finish the premaj reqs. still.. dont care.. got into UCLA! my first choice!</p>

<p>about 3.6 something GPA
alpha gamma sigma
only one 1.0 unit honors course
very few ECs...</p>

<p>dont take offense man, but are u a minority? what was your major? what prereqs were you missing?</p>

<p>You weren't waitlisted beforehand were you?</p>

<p>I got the same letter. I was missing a second semester of foreign language before I could get certified for my IGETC, and only had 42 units up until the fall of 2004, am working on the rest now! </p>

<p>Anyway, I am actually glad I will begin in the spring. Knowing you are going to Berkeley while still going to community college is going to be a whole different thing :-)</p>

<p>i am not a minority.. i am an asian male.... there are all too many at CAL.... psych major and.... im not sure what prereqs... im pretty sure i was missing one social science course. now that i look at it its more that i was missing GE courses such as one english course, one international studies class. no i wasnt waitlisted beforehand.</p>

<p>Well crap, I hope I get a letter like that!
I was waitlisted solely because I didn't have enough credits for my college's one year program.</p>

<p>I got in for spring, poli sci major, but im totally done with prereqs.... im wondering if theres any way to get in for fall 05?</p>

<p>i got spring admission for Psych too. I think the psych major at berkeley is impacted...majorly....</p>

<p>actually im not sure..</p>

<p>they are pretty impacted... i think they try to weed a lot of people out because i know that you need to maintain like a 2.8 or 2.9 in order to not get kicked out.... this girl i met in summer school was taking that class because if she didnt slightly boost her GPA she was gonna get the boot... and she was very bright...</p>