Did anyone get into EDII?

I’m accepted and so excited! Is there anyone got into too?

@dawndawndawn Congrats to you! Care to supply stats and major? D applied RD - long wait…

Accepted (and without test scores)! I’m so excited and to those in the RD it is possible to get in without being “perfect” in the way you’re traditionally told college admissions works.

@qrfjiuad My daughter may apply next year - don’t know yet if she will send scores or not as she hasn’t taken SAT’s yet. But can I ask if you were awarded any merit aid? Just wondering if sending test scores in has any affect on merit or not.

@travelfamily I received the Dr. MLK Jr. Fellowship, so I don’t think the choice of whether or not to send scores really has much of an effect but is more about the best way to showcase who you are and your best qualities. Good luck to your daughter!