Did anyone mail in supplemental materials?

<p>i mailed in a violin recording, but i noticed that this information didn’t show up on my agora account. did anyone else send in supplemental materials like art, music, writing samples, etc. and did this info show up on your agora account?</p>

<p>I don't think its supposed to show up in agora, they only show required items.</p>

<p>I had a couple college credit transcripts (from Junior year courses) sent and they were optional, both are in Agora...they took over a month to process it though.</p>

<p>i sent an update thing a while ago and its listed on agora</p>

<p>I also sent supplementary material and it didn't show up on Agora even after several weeks. I called the admissions office and they said that agora only showed receipt of required materials ... not sure how true that is though</p>

<p>i updated my ACTs on agora, but they never showed as received. anyone else have that?</p>

<p>i sent in a cello audition cd, i didnt notice anything on agora.</p>

<p>the band program sent me a letter that basically said what groups there are to audition for (i play trombone as well) and the band program has some small scholarships. the orchestra program doesn't have any money for scholarships unfortunately.</p>

<p>My daughter sent an arts supplement last December and it never showed up in agora ... she called the school and they said that it was received. Are you applying as a music major/minor?</p>

<p>i will not be majoring/minoring in music but i am definitely interested in playing in the symphony or chamber orchestra at bc. they have a lot of music programs/classes that i definitely would be interested in but i'm not sure if those options are even available to non-music majors. does anyone know anything about that?</p>

<p>metfan, did you apply for a music major/contact the music department?</p>

<p>i sent in a graded english essay and the abstract to a research paper I wrote. only one of them showed up on agora though...</p>