Did anyone not receive an email yet

<p>Website states that the decisions have been released and sent via email. but we have not received any emails. was wondering if anyone else that applied, not receive the email?</p>

<p>you could always just check your application status on the neu website</p>

<p>just log in with your number and your birthday</p>

<p>it might not work seeing as you didn't get your e-mail yet, but just try it</p>

<p>I didn't get an email either... And I'm not in my house to look for that ID number... Gah! It's interesting- I didn't get an email from American either. PFFFFT.</p>

<p>Maybe something went wrong? Eh, it's okay, I was just accepted by my second choice today... Haha, maybe that's why I'm going to be waitlisted from NEU! They seem to be waitlisting a lot of people with "suspiciously high" SATs and GPAs.</p>

<p>Just maybe their email was seen as spam or junk and got filtered. That was mentioned elsewhere if someone wasn't getting a lot of college recruitment emails. Just a thought</p>