Did anyone out there attend the LAST orientation session their freshman year?

It looks like I might be attending the last orientation session, which I understand means no class selection. Does anyone have firsthand experience with this, and how did it turn out for you? Did you survive in the long run? I could use some encouragement..or reality. Thanks.</p>

<p>I did and to be honest, it was brutal. There were almost no classes left. My main piece of advice is to avoid taking a cluster, even though they'll still be open. You're better off taking a class you don't like for one quarter than being stuck in a cluster all year. Prepare to be stressed, but you will figure something out.</p>

<p>Class selecion has nothing to do with orientation sessions.</p>

<p>Can't say but I imagine most of the classes will be pretty full. Some classes tend to have a threshold for sign ups each session that way the people in the late sessions will be able to get in the class they want.</p>

<p>There are hardly any classes to choose from but I doubt it will hurt your UCLA career. You'll have the choice of only several GEs at best and they'll all be horridly boring. </p>

<p>You may be unable to get into a GE cluster but that's fine. The clusters are really just more work anyways. (Other than the fact that you'll now have to take a Writing II class which are all brutal. -.-)</p>

<p>On the bright side, you'll enjoy classes with a bunch of the people you meet at Orientation so the last Orientation session can be more of a 'social event' than the earlier ones.</p>

<p>Thanks for the info and encouraging words. Yes, I guess I will manage. I really appreciate the input. Thanks again :)</p>

<p>If you don't get ideal classes for fall, remember that a quarter is only 10 weeks. Hope that you get a better class enrollment time for the winter quarter :)</p>

<p>I went to the second-last session and it was kinda bad. You will be able to get classes you need, but not necessarily the ones you want (in other words, you will be able to get a GE class, but it may not be the one you want). Just find something you can tolerate for one quarter and then you'll be able to get better classes for winter quarter</p>

<p>you will survive. you will get classes that will count towards your prep or major coursework. you will not disintegrate into a million pieces.</p>