Did Anyone Take The June Sat?

<p>If you did, could you PLEASE let us (intls) know what you got and how many wrongs? we had the EXACT same test this time as you guys did in june! and im considering cancelling my score since the verbal was so hard and i guessed the wrong section for exp..

<p>anyone? please...</p>

<p>I did, why?</p>

<p>could you tell us what was the scale like?
or estimate based on ur score if you dont mind telling us how many wrongs u got and what was your score? </p>


<p>thatsme, what section did you guess wrong. What was it about?</p>

<p>i THOUGHT the one with short passages would be exp. but apparently its noe. :(</p>

<p>how did u guys do? i just want around 720... if you dont mind, please tell us your score and how many you got wrong.</p>

<p>I had multiple short answer passages. Do you mean the one with the chimps and latinos was experimental or not experimental.</p>

<p>for the verbal, i got 550, with 19 wrong on the critical reading and 11 wrong from MC and analogy. for math i know if you get 1 wrong you didn't get 800 (but i got none wrong so i don't exactly know) a friend of mine got 2 wrong on math and got 760 :S. yeah, that's it</p>

<p>i dont remember what the short passages were about. arg i was so stupid. i was like" gee, this is gotta be the 'exp' sectoin" so i didnt even try hard for those at all. goood thing i even did all the questions.. i think one of the passage was about some kind of "thing" and how it was useful to the ppl. i put something about it has dye?</p>

<p>Newby , thx a lot</p>

<p>anyone else mind telling their score for june sat?</p>

<p>heh, didn't know they recycled tests... no wonder it looked familiar in june... I've been taking them since eighth grade (12th now) in the talent search program, so I suppose I must have seen it already. wow.</p>

<p>what was your score for june one and how many wrongs did you get? mind telling? i just want to predict my score to see if i should cancel.</p>

<p>A girl at my school took it in June and got a 1600. She missed one analogy if I remember correctly. Not that it helps much...</p>

V: 750(4wrong)
M: 780(1 Wrong)</p>

<p>You know, I've never seen 1 wrong 780 for any section of the math. Are you sure about that. I always thought the harshest made you go down to 790 for 1 wrong.</p>

<p>thatsme, I didn't have any passages about dye?</p>

<p>I don't know, that's what i got...but I know I messed up an easy question(move the decimals to wrong place, math is always my strength, damn my carelessness), overall the math was easy i thought, so the curve was low, that's what I think...</p>

<p>V: 750(4wrong) ??????
what? thats crazy... the scale is so harsh then.. i thot it'd be easy since newby got 550 with 30 wrongs, and normally, he would have gotten around 520 or 30 with that score.....</p>

<p>I only got 3 wrong but got a 720 on math. . .I really think the College Board made a mistake on that. Only reason I haven't called them is because I haven't been able to find the actual curve on the test, and I want to make sure I'm right.</p>

<p>Oh, and 7 wrong, 720 on verbal. I guess that's fair even though its quite harsh.</p>

<p>780 M (1 wrong)
610 V (19 wrong)</p>

<p>4 wrong for math 710!</p>