Did Attending an Accepted Student Day Seal the Deal in Choosing an MT/Acting Program?

When do colleges typically schedule Accepted Student Days for MT/Acting program in the spring? Did your student attend any, and were they helpful in making a final decision?

My son attending a bunch. He found them very helpful. There were some right after each batch of acceptances were sent out. So he had some after the early action acceptance dates (December-Emerson and New School) and then ones after the regular decision acceptances in the spring (mid march?) Edited to say that these were all virtual so I am not so sure he would have attended so many if we had to travel.

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@helpingthekid73 Thank you. That’s very helpful. I’m primarily trying to gauge if it would be a bad idea to plan a spring break trip in early April of my kid’s senior year.

I’m worried she either might need to time to visit campuses to make a final decision, or in a worst case scenario, scramble for other options if offers don’t break her way. But on the other hand, a vacation might be a welcome relief after the scramble and pressure of applying. I’m staring down a refund deadline, otherwise, I’d just wait to decide.

She will definitely need to visit schools if she has more than one acceptance. If the only time that you can visit is during her spring break I would not plan a trip. We went to the school my son attends for a random day for a tour to make sure he was comfortable there and to see the city while the pandemic was still raging. The accepted students weekend was online but this was not the case in previous years. We did not visit any schools before acceptances since the likelihood of acceptance is so small we didn’t want him to get attached to any campus.


It absolutely sealed the deal for one of my kids - SUNY Purchase. They had her sit in on an entire day of classes with the freshman company. She went to classes, lunch, meetings, etc. She did not want to leave at the end of the day!


Thank you @artskinds. Do you remember approximately when Purchase held the Accepted Students Day?