Did better on practice tests than SAT April

<p>I did consistently better on my practice tests from the blue book than the actual test. How can I improve, particularly for math and writing (I think I'm fine with 740 Writing w/ 11 essay, right?)?</p>

<p>Also, I keep noticing that both on my actual test and latest practice test, it's always the last math section that gives me the most trouble. I usually finish the others with time to spare or can take my time on the last 3 questions. However, for the last section I seem to run out of time, usually because of one question that ends up confusing me. Is this common and how should I fix this?</p>

<p>That means you're tiring out near the end of the SAT. To prevent this, bring some food that will make you more energetic that you can eat during a break.</p>

<p>I had two bites of a granola bar - by the end I was reaching the point where I was like "**** it." However, they barely gave any time for breaks, which was why I couldn't eat much, and they wouldn't let us eat in the class room. I pretty much just had time to pee - and there was a line in the bathroom - plus my proctor sucked.</p>

<p>I know what you mean. The bathroom line was sooo long that by the time I got back into the testing room, the proctor was just about to click 'start' on his timer.</p>

<p>The guess the other option for you is to just think of the test as life or death. Try to encourage yourself by just saying something like 'It's going to be over very, very soon. Less than an hour and I'm free.'</p>

<p>Mine didn't use a timer - just the clock.</p>

<p>So of course, once he said it'll begin at this time and end 25 minutes from now at this time, I looked back at the clock and saw it immediately go up one minute.</p>

<p>I guess it'd be more accurate to say 24 minutes - may not seem like much, but all of them count.</p>

<p>You can request the proctor to give you a 10 minute warning or something so you don't have to keep looking up at the clock.</p>

<p>Also, after a section ends, I like peeking at the next section just to tell if it's going to be writing, CR, or math... don't know why... just makes me feel better.</p>